Sunday, December 4, 2016

50% lifetime commission + up to 100% claim bonus!

What is Moon Bitcoin?

Moon Bitcoin is a bitcoin faucet with a difference...YOU decide how often to claim!
Whereas most faucets only allow you to claim once per hour or once per day, we allow you to claim as often or as little as you like* 
The faucet will gradually fill up - quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time - until you make a claim. So the longer you leave it the more you will be able to claim.
You may prefer to claim a smaller amount every 5 minutes, or visit once per day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away!
(* minimum 5 minutes between claims per account/IP address)

50% lifetime commission + up to 100% claim bonus!

Refer your friends, enemies and everyone else to Moon Bitcoin and recieve a massive 50% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims!
All commission payments are paid to you either instantly (via Xapo) or added to your Moon Bitcoin account and paid out weekly directly to your bitcoin wallet weekly on Saturday/Sunday, providing your balance at that time is at least 10000 satoshi.
Additionally, for each active referral that you have, you will get a bonus 1% (up to a maximum of 100%) added on to every claim that you make from the faucet. (A referral is considered to be "active" if they have made at least 1 faucet claim in the previous 72 hours)
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claim up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes With Get 50% lifetime commission on all referrals!

Are you ready to claim?

You can claim up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes (current average is 32 satoshi). Simply complete the captcha and then click on the Claim now button below.
Don't forget, we also pay out a 5% daily bonus

Bonus Bitcoin is a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes.
Also, at the end of each day (around midnight UTC) you will receive an automatic 5% bonus added to your current account balance - provided you made at least one faucet claim during the previous day.
You can request withdrawal at any time, so long as your balance is at least 10,000 satioshi. There is no fee for this. All withdrawal requests are processed and paid directly to your bitcoin wallet within 24 hours.
We also run a very generous affiliate/referral program: Ask your friends and colleagues to sign up using your referral link and receive 50% commission from every claim that they make from the faucet. (Note: No referral commission is paid on the daily bonus)

Get 50% lifetime commission on all referrals!

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Friday, December 2, 2016

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Earn 200% from the sum of buildings purchasing.

Game offers 15 kinds of buildings which you can buy. Any building, which you buy, will bring you 200% from the purchasing sum. But there is a difference which consists in for what how long time this or that building will bring you 200% from the purchasing sum. The higher cost of building, the quicker this building will bring you 200% from the purchasing sum. The main difference from provided free of charge building is that you do not need to click the "Click and profit" and to enter a kaptcha. All money, which have been earned with buildings which you bought, will be automatically transferred on your main balance without yours participating in this process! Thus, you earn, playing and at the same time you have a lot of free time which you can use for things, more important for you and for your life.
Below you can study the cost and periods validity of buildings which can be bought for a game and to start to earn.

Algorithm of purchase of buildings in the game.

To buy any building, you need to click on the map of the game, on any not occupied square, the "Buy new building" button and then you will see in the pop-up window:
  • Choose the building type
  • Choose the building, having guided by own preferences
  • Click the "Buy" button
  • In the pop-up window you will see the bitcoin address for payment and the amount, pay it.
  • Money will be enlisted after 1 confirmation of the Bitcoin network. After this, the building bought by you will appear on the map of the game.

You can earn more if you want! Inviting new participants in the game, you will have an opportunity to earn additionally, using for this purpose two methods of an additional earnings!10%The first method which will bring you 10% from the buildings, which have been purchased by your partners, every time when the participant of the game invited by you buy the new building.
The second method which give an opportunity to earn additionally is that you can get 10% from the income which your partner has, playing our game!
As you already understood, the invitation of new participants in our game – it is profitable! And that is not all! You will be able to get money, inviting new participants in the game, even without buying the building personally! Be just registered and earn in our referral program, using two above mentioned methods of obtaining of an additional income! We wish you stable profit and new positive impressions of a game which has been created by our company exactly for this purpose!


Get lots of bitcoins- Autopilot Free Free Free

Free bitcoin faucet

Autto Network is a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 240 satoshi every 60 min . Each time you visit the faucet you will receive a random amount of satoshi selected from the range from 120 to 240.
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On-demand payouts

Once you sign up and provide your email address and your bitcoin addres, all your earnings will accumulate in your account. Once you reach 1000 satoshi you may withdraw the funds on-demand. You will need to confirm your withdrawal through email.
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Advertising Network

Bitcoin Advertising - Made SIMPLE! Autto Net has quickly become one of the fastest growing ad networks in the industry. Top brands to local advertisers as well as large to niche publishers rely on us to deliver high-performing advertising solutions that achieve profitable, long-term results.
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Awesome referral program

Get a totally awesome and instantaneous 25% of all claims and 5% of publisher income, made by your referrals. 
All referral satoshi will be credited to your balance right after each referral's claim.
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